To see every cancer sufferer receiving wholesome comprehensive care.


The purpose for which the foundation was established is to confront and allay the disease of cancer in order to lighten suffering by providing patient support cancer awareness strategic partnership and value sustainability.



Dr. Anne Merriman

Prof. Izael Pereira Da Silva

Bishop Paul Ssemogerere

The cancer Charity Foundation is a non-profit making organization located in Bukoto Kampala serving as a centre for hope to all cancer patients in Uganda. The foundation was formed in February 2008 through a strong nucleus of individuals who have been privately assisting cancer patients since 2003, having seen and experienced first-hand, wanted to make a larger positive impact on the treatment facilities and problems of cancer.

The aim for which this foundation was established was to contribute towards patient support through availing comprehensive care, cancer awareness, coordinating patient relief, palliative treatment and provide cancer treatment. The Foundation intends to establish its impact on cancer initially through patient support through providing quality patient support services to cancer patients and to this end has already set up a patient hostel (The Haven) that offers free accommodation to patients that receive treatment far away from home. The Hostel is a home for  hope that provides a much needed supportive environment to the patients during a traumatic time of treatment.

The Foundation has also established core partnerships with other key stakeholders in cancer control both nationally and internationally to coordinate its impact in supporting patient support, cancer awareness, advocacy, research and treatment through key strategic frameworks of cancer control. Locally, we have formed along with other Civil Society Organisations, Uganda Cancer Society,   an   Umbrella   Organisation that coordinates our response for meaningful collaboration and contribution in cancer control.

In 2016, CCF established a valuable partnership with the American Cancer Society that resulted in a grant agreement. The purpose of the grant was for capacity building and strengthening CCF’s role in patient support. In so doing, CCF embarked on organizational and structural development including setting up office premises, a secretariat, the necessary policies and procedures whilst undergoing the strategic planning process to define its direction for the coming years.

What we do


The Haven was the first patient hostel in Uganda, a “home away from home’’ opened in February 2008. This was an intervention to the need for accommodation for the cancer patients and their caregivers who initially spent sleepless nights on the verandahs and corridors of Uganda Cancer Institute.

The Haven provides a clean, hygienic environment where patients and their caregivers are given shelter, meals, physical care, psycho-social support to ease the burden whilst the period of their treatment. Our current bed capacity is 21 beds, open 24hrs/7days a week, 365 days a year, to all patients on a “first come first served basis”.

The Haven is strategically located to minimize costs of transport upcountry and increase compliance with treatment regimens and protocols through practical and social support.

Bishop Paul Ssemwogere

Bishop of Luwero Diocess

D Anne Merriman

Founder Hospice Africa

D Israel Da Silva

Director Bugala Education Center

M John Barenzi

M John Barenzi

Health Sector Consultant

M Gilbert Kevin Kwizera

M Gilbert Kevin Kwizera