The  Foundation  has  established  key  relations  with  several  stakeholders involved in cancer control mainly Uganda Cancer Institute, Hospice Africa Uganda, and Uganda Cancer Society along with several Civil Society Organisations involved in cancer control. It us through these partnerships that  CCF  has  been  able  to  collaborate  its  actions  against  cancer  in Uganda.
CCF has also been able to  acquire a  hostel  accommodation for  those patients  undergoing  aggressive  chemotherapy  but  come  from  very  far away (The Haven Hostel) in Bukoto. Here, the patients will be able to have a peaceful and desirable environment during this traumatic time.
Nutritional rehabilitation and counseling are one of the benefits of the residents.
In 2016, CCF established a valuable partnership with the ACS that resulted into a grant agreement. The purpose of the grant was for capacity building and strengthening CCF’s role in patient support. In so doing, CCF embarked on organizational and structural development including setting up office premises, a secretariat, the necessary policies and procedures whilst undergoing  the strategic planning process  to define its  direction for  the coming years.
CCF and other CSOs with the support from the American Cancer Society (ACS) and  Uganda  NCD  Alliance  have  been  able  to  form  an umbrella organization,  Uganda  Cancer  Society  (UCS)  that  will  coordinate  our response for a meaningful collaboration and contribution in cancer control.
Through  awareness  programmes  in  schools,  universities  and  local organisations like Rotary Clubs, the foundation has met its mission which is extending general cancer awareness to the masses. CCF was one the participants in the Human Alliance for Cancer Awareness (HACA) conferences at St. Mary`s College Kisubi. CCF has held cancer awareness talks at Kabira International School (KISU) and several Rotary clubs in Kampala.o.