Operating with Uganda Cancer Institute

How the Cancer Charity Foundation operates with the Uganda Cancer institute?

Patients suffering from cancer always have several needs;

  • Inadequate funds for chemotherapy drugs.
  • Nutritional Rehabilitation.
  • Transport costs to and for treatment centers.
  • Inadequate funds for several laboratory investigations.
  • Funeral arrangements.

With this, the foundation strives to make a difference in their lives by improving on their quality of life through making their most basic needs available.  In doing so, we work with the cancer institute in the following ways:

  • Utilize nurses to identify patients with such care.
  • Staffs at CCF interact with patients to obtain consent form.
  • The patient or attendant signs the consent form.
  • The patient locator forms are filled by the patient or attendant.
  • The  initial  information  about  the  patient`s  condition  is  obtained  from  the patient or attendant.
  • The needs assessment form is filled by CCF staff.
  • Having obtained all the vital  information, the Cancer Charity Foundation takes on the patients and assist where necessary for the stipulated period of time.

Providing Financial Assistance

The  Foundation  currently  tries  to  provide  financial  assistance  for  medical expenses,  transport  costs  and  burial  costs  for  cancer  patients  and  their carers, by finding and linking an individual who wishes to provide support with a needy cancer patient. CCF is in the process of developing standard list of drugs to be sponsored under its umbrella up to a tune of shs.100000 UGX. This is in a bid to support a good number of needy patients as we try to link them to  sponsors  since  treatment  can`t  be  put  on  hold.  This  also  will  involve securing an account with joint medical stores to purchase drugs at reasonable costs which are underway.

Creating awareness about cancer in Uganda

The Foundation believes there is a great need to create more awareness about cancer in Uganda and to these ends; we have been holding presentations in secondary schools, Universities, Local communities like Rotaract Clubs like Rotary Club Kyengera, Nakawa, etc. Future plans involve the use of radio and television to ensure awareness is created countrywide.

Merit System

The Merit System encourages individuals to take on social responsibility towards helping cancer patients and recognizes those who have made major contributions in this area. This could be the health worker in Kabale who has been caring for cancer patients or the shopkeeper who gives cancer patients sugar each and every week.

These are just examples but the Foundation believes everyone can be encouraged to act in a socially responsible way towards cancer be through finance, resources or labor and this will unquestionably be for the betterment of cancer patients.

Corporate companies  are being approached  to direct some of  their social responsibility towards the Cancer Charity Foundation. This is a large area to cover but will basically form the financial backbone for the foundation with regards to running costs. For example, salaries for staff, administration costs and project implementation.

Overall, the Cancer Merit System will improve the ends benefits to cancer patients in Uganda.